The Walking Dead volume 4 by dmxallen views. The Walking Dead comic book volume 1, Days Gone Bye. The Walking Dead centers around Rick Grimes, a former police officer who was shot in the line of duty and wakes up from a coma after the world has succumbed to the zombie plague. Free Comic Download. The Walking Dead Comics #1 – + Specials Free Download Language: English | Year: | Size: GB. Read The Walking Dead comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page.

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THE WALKING DEAD-Odga Pomiron charti kutum ib loo alichurer kun i bademar ing this comic that's great, but real- ly that's not what this book is about. site! They now offer many digital comics, including the entire run of TWD. The Walking Dead #1 eBook: Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore: Books. I was one of the lucky few that ordered issue #1 of the comic when it first came out. The Walking Dead Comic Issue 1 - (Online PDF) (To view and. Read it .

Woodbury's leader is a man called the Governor. The Governor captures Rick's group and interrogates them. He mutilates Rick by cutting off his right hand and rapes and tortures Michonne. Michonne tortures the Governor before she leaves. They arrive back at the prison safely, but find that hordes of zombies have broken in. Rick's survivors fight them off. Rick informs the prison's residents of what took place in Woodbury and tells them to prepare for battle.

Volume 7: The Calm Before Issues 37—42 Life at the prison continues in what passes for normal in this apocalyptic world. Glenn and Maggie marry.

Several residents search for supplies and engage in a shootout with men from Woodbury. Lori goes into labor and Judith is born. Dale is out on a mission siphoning gas when he is bitten in the leg. Dale's friends amputate the leg and he survives. Carol commits suicide by allowing a zombie to bite her. The volume ends with the Governor's arrival with his army and a tank.

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Volume 8: Made to Suffer Issues 43—48 The arc begins with a flashback which reveals how the Governor recovered and readied Woodbury for battle.

The Governor's army attacks the prison but is driven away. Several of Rick's survivors decide to flee the prison in the RV to avoid the Governor's expected retaliation. The prison recovers from his initial assault but the Governor attacks again. The RV members arrive to reinforce the prison's residents. The guilt ridden soldier who killed Lori and Judith on the Governor's orders betrays and kills him. With the prison burning and in shambles, Rick's band scatters and flees.

Volume 9: Here We Remain Issues 49—54 After the prison's destruction and his band is separated, Rick and Carl search for shelter in a nearby town and reunite with surviving friends. Rick's physical and mental state begin to unravel, while Carl grows increasingly independent and apathetic.

They eventually manage to reunite with their other survivors and end up at Hershel's farm. Three new people, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene, arrive and inform the group that they are on a mission to Washington D. Rick's band decides to join their journey. Rick holds Abraham, who thinks she's dead, at gunpoint and prevents him from shooting her in the head. Rick, Abraham, and Carl head to Rick's hometown to find weapons.

They discover Morgan, whom Rick met when he woke up from his coma, and he joins Rick's survivors. Volume Fear the Hunters Issues 61—66 Rick and company continue their journey to Washington and begin to suspect they are being stalked by someone in the woods. They meet a pastor and join him at his church. Dale is kidnapped from the church during the night by a band of cannibals.

Dale is reunited with his friends before he dies. Rick's group, enraged, hunt down the cannibals and torture them to death. Volume Life Among Them Issues 67—72 The group continue to Washington, during which they discover that Eugene was lying about having a cure to stop the outbreak.

They run across a friendly man named Aaron who claims he is trustworthy and can escort them to a large, walled-off community of survivors called the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Alexandria Safe Zone is a walled community led by a man named Douglas Monroe.

Rick's weary band finds Alexandria's stability a welcome change although they remain suspicious. Rick, as constable, tries to increase safety and stability when he stops a dangerous man inside the community. Scavengers arrive and threaten the community. Alexandria wins the battle but alert a massive herd of hundreds of zombies to their presence. Rick takes command of the community. Volume No Way Out Issues 79—84 Rick and company step up as community leaders despite objections from some of its residents.

Alexandria's citizens discover they have bigger problems when they discover the zombie horde breaking down the fence. Walkers breach Alexandria's walls and begin to overrun the community. During the battle Douglas is killed after accidentally shooting Carl in the eye.

Alexandria's residents face down the horde and save their town. Carl is in a coma following his injury and his survival is unclear. Some residents question the bold choices Rick makes for their community and attempt to seize control of Alexandria.

Rick quashes the rebellion. Carl awakens with amnesia.

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Monroe claims he is a recruiter for a nearby band of or more people called the Hilltop Colony. Rick and others go to the Hilltop Colony and find its appearance seems to be even safer than that of Alexandria, although it has a dangerous enemy called The Saviors. The Saviors demand half of the colony's food and supplies, in exchange for killing nearby walkers.

The Saviors are a brutal gang led by a man named Negan. Rick underestimates the Saviors and dismisses their threat level until his best friends, including Glenn and Abraham, are brutally killed. Alexandria is forced to begin paying tribute — half of their supplies — to the Saviors.

Enraged, Rick vows to kill Negan. Rick devises a new strategy to deal with the Saviors, but a member of his group disappears after the Saviors collect their payment from Alexandria. Rick is forced to halt his plan. Paul takes Rick to request help from an exotic man named Ezekiel , leader of a community called the Kingdom.

The Kingdom is based in Washington, D. The three communities band together to formulate an assault, but Negan shows up early to collect his tribute from Alexandria.

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The alliance seizes the opportunity to assassinate Negan, but Negan retreats and declares war. Rick's forces seize an early advantage and manage to trap Negan inside the Sanctuary, but their attack on Negan's outposts falters as many of Rick's closest friends fall. They wonder if their initial victory was simple luck.

Negan mounts an eventual counterattack on Alexandria and its situation goes from bad to worse. On the brink of defeat, Rick offers Negan a truce as a trap. Negan falls for Rick's ruse. Rick slashes Negan's throat and demands that war cease.

Negan survives the attack as Rick's prisoner. Civilization has been rebuilt and the communities have established a successful trade network.

Carl moves to Hilltop. A new group arrives in Alexandria, and meet the imprisoned Negan. Volume Whispers Into Screams Issues — A new threat emerges as living people disguised as walkers attack, calling themselves The Whisperers.

Tensions arise within Hilltop after Carl loses his temper. Some residents question both him and their leader. Rick tells Michonne that's fine, but they leave the poles exactly where they are as that's the territories boundary. Michonne is not happy that Rick seems to not want to cross the line and kill the people for murdering their friends, saying it would be a different story if it had been Carl or Andrea. Rick agrees with her and asks her to be stronger than he could be. Michonne storms off to the woods to think.

Rick asks Andrea what they should do. She tells him that if it was up to her, they would ride back and kill them all, stupid as it might be. Rick confides in her that this may not be possible, but it's understandable that their people will want revenge for these murders.

Rick tells her that the situation with the Whisperers could ruin everything. Andrea hugs Rick and tells him she won't let that happen and Rick tells her they will get through this.

Down the line, Lydia sees Carl crying as he has found Josh 's head. He explains that he was a good friend and that it's been a while since he lost one of those. Lydia hugs him and apologises. Dante walks over to check on Michonne and she reacts angrily, then tells him to come help her dig graves.

The Walking Dead Vol. 1 – 29 (TPB) + Extras (Ultimate Collection) (2004-2018)

Back at Alexandria, Eugene is fixing the radio excitedly. Maggie , Jesus and Harlan knock on the door and enter. They are relieved to see him and explain that they thought he had gone missing like several others have, including Rosita. Hearing this, he rushes outside quickly calling her name. Jesus comforts Harlan and tells him they will find his missing brother.

Later, at the fair, Rick and Andrea address the crowd that has gathered regarding the twelve missing people.Retrieved June 21, The leader, Alpha, antagonizes Rick as her daughter, Lydia, forms a sexual relationship with Carl.

The Walking Dead (Comic Series)

Kirkman responded: That starts to get into the origin of all this stuff, and I think that's unimportant to the series itself. Volume Call to Arms Issues — With the conflict against the Whisperers closing in, Rick must ensure the readiness of the community's newly formed militia while also dealing with various conflicts within the walls of each community, including the escape of a dangerous prisoner. Michonne says that they will bury them by the pikes.

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