Inferno is a mystery thriller novel by American author Dan Brown and the fourth book in It was number one on the New York Times Best Seller list for hardcover fiction and Combined Print & E-book fiction for the first eleven weeks of its. The Official Web Site of Bestselling Author Dan Brown, author of the novels The Lost Brown's latest novel, Origin, explores two of the fundamental questions of Inferno. In this riveting new thriller, Brown returns to his element and has. In this riveting new thriller, Brown returns to his element and has crafted his highest-stakes novel to date.

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Inferno book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers . Harvard professor of symbology Robert Langdon awakens in an Italian hos. Inferno, the Ron Howard film based on the novel by Dan Brown, is projected to hit often mentioned in Inferno, the latest novel by American author Dan Brown. Inferno Dan Brown Collection 6 Books Set [Paperback] by [Dan Brown] on cresadtgehomual.gq *FREE* shipping $ 20 Used from $ 13 New from $

The city of Florence staged the world premiere of Inferno, the third film to be adapted from the Dan Brown novels about symbologist Robert Langdon. The city hosted one of the largest film premieres ever held in our country. However, special events were….

The book was released by Doubleday on May 14, The shooting of the film, which includes actors the likes of Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon, took place in Florence , Italy, at Palazzo Vecchio , the Uffizi Gallery, Piazza della Signoria , and in the city center, as well as in Venice , the city that plays another key role in the novel. Sinskey, Elisabeth: Two years…. Ferris, Jonathan, also known as Dr. They flee into a construction site near the Boboli Gardens where he examines the "Map of Hell" again, noticing several subtle changes to the layers.

They manage to evade the soldiers and get into the Old City using the Vasari Corridor. At the Palazzo, a custodian sees Langdon snooping around and gets the director of the museum, Marta Alvarez.

Dan Brown's Inferno

Alvarez recognizes him, having met him and Ignazio Busoni, the director of Il Duomo , the previous night. She leads them up a set of stairs by The Battle of Marciano, and Langdon realizes the top of the stairs is on the same level as the words "cerca trova" in the Battle of Marciano painting.

Alvarez tells him that she showed them Dante's death mask the previous night, which sits in a room down the hall from the Battle of Marciano painting. He realizes he is retracing his own steps from the previous night. Finding the mask gone, security footage shows Langdon and Busoni stealing the mask. Fleeing the guards, they listen to a message Busoni left telling him where the mask is hidden, referring to "Paradise 25" Gates of Paradise at Florence Baptistry Langdon and Brooks escape the guards, but the soldiers arrive.

Langdon connects the phrase "Paradise 25" to the Florence Baptistry , where they find the Dante mask along with a riddle from its current owner, a billionaire geneticist named Bertrand Zobrist. She explains that Zobrist was a geneticist who advocated the halting of humanity's growth, due to its out of control population and that he was rumored to be working on a means to do so using an engineered disease.

A man named Jonathan Ferris, with a large bruise on his chest which he hides from the two, and a severe rash on his face, claiming to be from the World Health Organization WHO , comes and helps them escape the soldiers.

They follow the riddle to Venice , where Ferris suddenly falls unconscious, with Brooks claiming he is suffering from massive internal bleeding, causing Langdon to suspect Ferris has been infected with Zobrist's plague. He is captured by a group of black-clad soldiers while she escapes.

Langdon is taken to Dr.

Elizabeth Sinskey, the director-general of the WHO, and is given an explanation of what is going on: Zobrist, who committed suicide the week before, was a brilliant geneticist and Dante fanatic who had supposedly developed a new biological plague that will kill off a large portion of the world's population in order to quickly solve the problem of the world's impending overpopulation , citing the Doomsday Argument. Sinskey raided Zobrist's safe deposit box , found the cylinder and flew him to Florence to follow the clues.

However, he stopped communicating with Sinskey after meeting with Alvarez and Ignazio and the WHO feared he betrayed them and was working with Zobrist to unleash the plague.

The soldiers were the WHO's emergency response team and never meant to kill him. Zobrist had paid a shadowy consulting group called The Consortium to protect the cylinder until a certain date. He also left a disturbing video filled with Dante imagery, which also showed a picture of the plague itself, kept in a hidden underwater location, within a slowly dissolving bag.

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The video claims that the world will be changed the following morning. When Sinskey took it away, they abducted Langdon and staged every event up to this point so that he would be motivated to solve it.

The leader of The Consortium, having become aware of the bioterrorism plot, agrees to cooperate with the WHO. Ferris's rash was due to an allergic reaction to the spirit gum he used as part of the disguise as the doctor Vayentha "murdered.

Inferno Reader’s Guide

He collapsed in Venice because he had been ordered to detain Brooks, as the Provost Consortium head had allied with Sinskey, with Brooks realizing and punching him in his damaged ribs. She learned where the plague was being kept after Langdon solved the riddle and acquires a private jet to get to it before everyone else.

After watching Zobrist's video, they conclude that the bag containing the plague will be fully dissolved by the date the video specifies and that Zobrist's clues point to its location: the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul , where Enrico Dandolo is buried. He and the others find the plague is in the Cistern but discover that she is already there. The bag that held the plague had already been broken, presumably spreading through the outer world via visiting tourists.

Suddenly, a female contract killer named Vayentha breaks into the hospital, shoots and kills a doctor, and approaches Robert's room. Sienna grabs Robert and they flee to her apartment. Robert finds a biohazard cylinder in his jacket and decides to call the U.

He is told that they are searching for him and want his location. Robert gives them a location near the apartment out of respect for Sienna's privacy. However, when he looks from the apartment window and sees an armed Vayentha pull up to the location he has given.

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Robert realizes that the U. He opens the cylinder and finds a meal bone cylinder fitted with a hi-tech projector that projects a modified version of Botticelli 's Map of Hell. Suddenly, soldiers raid the building. Sienna and Robert narrowly escape. However, they find that Florentini police and Carabinieri officers have sealed the bridges and are searching for them.

They run into the Boboli Gardens , where a solution to the Map of Hell occurs to Robert: ten letters have been added to the ten layers of the Malebolge , and the layers have been rearranged.

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The mysterious soldiers appear again. The director of the museum that houses Battle of Marciano, Marta Alvarez, recognizes Robert after he and Ignazio Busoni, the director of the Il Duomo , had met with her the previous night and asked to see Dante's death mask , which sits in a room behind Battle of Marciano.

Robert realizes he is retracing his own steps from last night. Marta takes Robert and Sienna to the mask and find that it's gone.


They look at security footage and see Robert himself and Ignazio stealing the mask. The museum guards turn on Robert and Sienna. At this moment, Ignazio's secretary calls Robert and tells him that he died of a heart attack, and his last words were "Paradise Robert connects the phrase "Paradise 25" to the Florence Baptistry , where he and Sienna find the Dante mask along with a riddle from its current owner, a billionaire geneticist named Bertrand Zobrist.Alvarez tells him that she showed them Dante's death mask the previous night, which sits in a room down the hall from the Battle of Marciano painting.

Protagonist and Girl ride off into sunset this part is metaphorical. The scene projected was a grim oil painting of human suffering—thousands of souls undergoing wretched tortures in various levels of hell.

Speaking of greasing, you will need to have some eye drops handy to avoid chafing from frequent eye-rolling.

How has her past influenced who she has become? The Wait is almost over..

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