He let her go once. This time he's playing for keeps. Colters' Legacy, Book 3 Callie Colter once chased sunsets all ov Seducing Simon · Maya Banks - Golden. Seducing Simon. Home · Seducing Simon Author: Banks Maya. 26 downloads Views Maya Banks - Seducing Simon. Read more · Simon · Read more. The Tycoon's Rebel Bride Maya Banks Tycoon Theron Anetakis had only one problem - and she just walked through his door. Isabella Caplan didn't intend.

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Seducing Simon. One fateful night, Toni Langston seduces her best friend, the guy she's been in love with forever. Two problems—he doesn't remember a thing . Seducing Simon [Maya Banks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Toni Langston has been in love with Simon, her best friend, for years. Seduzindo Simon. Maya Banks. Nenhuma oferta encontrada. ISBN ISBN Ano: / Páginas: Idioma: inglês.

She flushed and wished the floor could swallow her up about now. Eyes that left her feeling like she had no clothing on. Another flush crept up her neck as she envisioned him naked, over her body, her hands gliding over his broad chest, and bulging arms.

She nodded, unable to speak or meet his gaze. Why is it so important that you have your own place? What could she say? Certainly not the truth. World War III would pale in comparison. Because of her own stupidity, her relationship with the three people she cared most about was going to be forfeit. But they had been friends for a lot longer.

It seemed logical to invite Simon and A. The four had been inseparable ever since the guys were in high school.

She peeked up at him to see his concerned expression concentrated on her. Nothing personal. Have we done something to piss you off?

I mean you guys will want to get married and have a family. Maybe get married and start a family. Simon continued to study her until she was ready to fidget completely off her seat. Why did she get the impression he could see straight through her flimsily muttered excuses? Well, I suppose you could help me move when the time comes.

She heard A. J shuffle back into the kitchen, and she turned in relief, thankful he was interrupting the tension. Her heart sank when she met with his expression. It was odd. He stared at her with a deer-in-the-headlights look. Something akin to horror and confusion.

He continued to stare at Toni as he walked slowly over. The two lines were faded, but still very indicative of a positive result. Toni froze, but anger quickly surfaced in an effort to cover her dismay. I dropped my watch and had to fish it out. Are you…are you pregnant? Matt and A. She nodded miserably. J asked. Toni looked in bewilderment as the questions came from all directions. Then she did the only thing she knew would shut them up. She burst into tears. Warm, strong arms wrapped around her and pulled her against the solid wall of a well-muscled chest.

God, he was strong, and everything that was wonderful about a man. Not just yet. A gentle hand stroked her hair which caused her tears to flow even harder. He settled her on the couch and enfolded her in his arms. J crowded around the couch, looks of concern and confusion marring their handsome faces.

Simon silenced him with a look and turned back to Toni. This was not a conversation she wanted to be having. She glanced up at Matt and A. I made a mistake. I only found out yesterday. Oh she knew exactly how far along she was. I have a headache. Or can you?

I offered you a beer while ago. The best thing you can do for me is to chill out and quit acting like I sprouted a third head. She turned her head to him, surprised to see a hint of hurt in his eyes.

I was just…scared. We all care a lot about you.

She sighed and pulled slightly away. She had a no-nonsense approach to everything, and next to Lonnie, she called the shots around dispatch. Look over it and see what you think. She worked both days of the upcoming weekend, plus one weeknight in between. The rest of the month consisted of at least one weekend day and two to three weeknights. It was perfect. I can always sit with my feet up. You could probably ask for just about anything at this point. When she got home and let herself in the house, she nearly groaned aloud.

Matt, A. Ignoring them, she set about making a sandwich. She turned around and raised her brow. She turned back to her sandwich, but she felt their stares.

But that would immediately send the signal she was indeed avoiding them. Better to sit here and eat then go to bed.

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With a sigh she turned back around. Panic assailed her.

Her food coiled in a knot in her throat then hit her stomach like a ton of bricks. Her stomach lurched in protest. Not bothering to explain, she bolted for the bathroom. Her stomach emptied in short order.

Maya Banks - Seducing Simon

She leaned heavily against the toilet, anxiety eating a hole in her gut. Weakly, she flipped the bolt then returned to her stance of hanging her head over the bowl.

This is normal pregnancy stuff. You getting a second job is normal pregnancy stuff. And not saying anything to me about it is normal pregnancy stuff. She let out a frustrated sigh. I wanted the extra money for when the baby comes. I thought it would be a great job.

She was uncomfortable, but her pregnancy had nothing to do with it. If you want to stay here, just say so. God, no.

Stephanie is a wonderful girl and you deserve to be happy. Stephanie and I could never be happy knowing it was at your expense. No one thinks that.

She immediately regretted her snappy question when Matt jumped on it with both feet. You know A. Matt would be so pissed if she ruined things between the four of them. And she may well have already done it. I just need some time to sort things out.I offered you a beer while ago.

Almost as much as she loved its father.

Seducing Simon

I mean you guys will want to get married and have a family. She shoved the paper under the nearby phone book when the guys got up and headed into the kitchen.

J asked.

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