Sources for the Liber iuratus Honorii and The Sworn Book of Honorius. . Liber iuratus Honorii is a handbook on ceremonial magic, and is. 08 Necronomicon - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Liber Juratis, Grimorium Honorii Magni. Uploaded by. Daniel. - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Liber Juratis, Grimorium Honorii Magni. Uploaded by. Daniel.

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The allusion is to the swine of Gadara. God Sabaoth, to tell me by what name thou art frustrated along with thy host. The three characters are has bound us, and who will then come and plunge apparently the numbers He is noised abroad in the three letters which bring him down2. And I Solomon, on hearing this, glorified God, and condemned his legion to carry wood from the thicket.

And I condemned the [29] lion-shaped one himself to saw up the wood small with his teeth, for burning in the unquenchable furnace for the Temple of God. And I worshipped the Lord God of Israel, and bade another demon come forward. And there came before me a dragon, three-headed, of fearful hue. The tribolos was a And I questioned him: "Who art thou?

But I blind children in women's wombs, and twirl their ears round. And I 2. And I have again in my third head means of slipping in3. And I smite men in 3. But I have 4.

The old legend was that Adam's skull reposed in my own way of being frustrated, Jerusalem being this spot, and that the cross was signified in writing, unto the place called 'of the 4 head. He doth frustrate me, and to him am I subject. He it is that shall be shut up in a skin-bottle and brought before 1. The meaning of the last part of thee.

But at the entrance of the Temple, which thou this compound is unknown. And I sealed him with my ring, and praised the Lord God. So I said to him: "What art thou called? He had human hands. And I adored the Lord God of Israel, and bade another demon present himself. And there came before me a spirit in woman's form, that had a head without any limbs1, and her hair was dishevelled.

And I said to her: "Who art thou? Here we seem to have the Greek head of Medusa "Nay, who art thou? And why dost thou want to hear concerning me? But, as thou wouldst learn, here transformed into a demon. I stand bound before thy face. Go [30] then into thy royal storehouses and wash thy hands. Then sit down afresh before thy tribunal, and ask me questions; and thou shalt learn, O king, who I am.

And I Solomon did as she enjoined me, and restrained myself because of the wisdom dwelling in me1; in order that I might hear of her deeds, and reprehend them, and manifest them to men. And I sat down, and said to the demon: "What art thou? The Sophia, identified by Philo world, and visit women in childbirth. And divining and the early Fathers with the the hour I take my stand2; and if I am lucky, I Logos, is supposed to have strangle the child.

But if not, I retire to another place. And now hither, now thither I roam. And to 2. But as it now is, though thou hast sealed me round with the ring of 3.

God, thou hast done nothing. I am not standing before thee, and thou wilt not be able to command me. For I have no work other than the destruction of children, and the making their ears to be deaf, and the working of evil to their eyes, and the binding their mouths with a bond, and the ruin of their minds, and paining of their bodies.

Bornemann Zeitschr. When I Solomon heard this, I marvelled at her Theol. Total And her voice was very clear as it came to me. And I cunningly said: "Tell me by what angel thou art frustrated, O evil spirit? His name, if any man know it, and write the same on a woman in childbirth, then I shall not be able to enter her.

Of this name the number is And I again ordered another demon to come before me. And the came, rolling itself along, one in appearance like to a dragon, but having the face and hands of a man. And all its limbs, except the feet, were those of a dragon; and it had wings on its back. And when I beheld it, I was astonied, and said: "Who art thou, demon, and what art thou called? And whence hast thou come? Tell me. I am a spirit made into a god among men, but now brought to naught by the ring and wisdom vouchsafed to thee by God.

Now I am the so-called 1. And she on whom I 3. But since such offspring 4. Such is my role. Supposed then only 5. But those composed of fire 5 will cause to be burned up by fire the material of the logs which is to be collected by them for the building in the Temple. And as the demon said this, I saw the spirit going forth from his mouth, and it consumed the wood of the frankincense-tree, and burned up all the logs which we had placed in the Temple of God.

And I Solomon saw what the spirit had done, and I marvelled. And, having glorified God, I asked the dragonshaped demon, and said: "Tell me, by what angel art thou frustrated? And I Solomon, having heard this, and having invoked his angel, condemned him to saw up marbles for the building of the Temple of God; and I praised God, and commanded another demon to come before me.

And there came before my face another spirit, as it were a woman in the form she had. But on her shoulders she had two other heads with hands. And I asked her, and said: "Tell me, who art thou? I undergo changes, like the goddess I am called. And I change again, and pass into possession of another shape.

And be not [32] desirous therefore to know all that concerns me. But since thou art before me for this much, hearken. I have my abode in the moon, and for that reason I possess three forms. At times I am magically1 invoked by the wise as Kronos.

At other times, in connexion with those who bring me down, I come down and appear in another shape. The measure of the element2 is inexplicable and indefinable, and not to be frustrated. I then, changing into these three forms, come down and become such as thou seest me; but I am frustrated by the angel Rathanael, who sits in the third heaven. This then is why I speak to thee. Yonder temple cannot contain me. And I sealed her with a triple chain, and placed beneath her the fastening of the chain.

I used the seal of God, and the spirit prophesied to me, saying: "This is what thou, King Solomon, doest to us. But after a time thy kingdom 1. Perhaps "the place or size of the heavenly body. I conjecture the sense which the word must bear in this context. This prophecy corresponds roughly to the one which Lactantius, Instit. And the vessels of this Temple, which thou makest, shall be put to servile uses of the gods; and along with them all the jars, in which thou dost shut us up, shall be broken by the hands of men.

And then we shall go forth in great power hither and thither, and be disseminated all over the world. And we shall lead astray the inhabited world for a long quotes from an apocryphal Book season, until the Son of God is stretched upon the of Solomon. For never before doth arise a king like unto him, one frustrating us all, whose mother shall not have contact with man. Who else can receive such authority over spirits, except he, whom the first devil will seek to tempt, but will not prevail over?

The number of his name is , which is Emmanuel. Wherefore, O King Solomon, thy time is evil, and thy years short and evil, and to thy servant shall thy kingdom be given3. And I Solomon, having heard this, glorified God.

And though I marvelled at the apology of the demons, I did not credit it until it came true. And I did not believe their words; but when they were [33] realized, then I understood, and at my death I wrote this Testament to the children of Israel, and gave it to them, so that they might know the powers of the demons and their shapes, and the names of their angels, by which these angels are frustrated.

And I glorified the Lord God of Israel, and commanded the spirits to be bound with bonds indissoluble. And having praised God, I commanded another 1. Jude That Jude here spirit to come before me; and there came before my indulges in no mere metaphor is clear from the words which face another demon, having in front the shape of a follow, which embody the belief horse, but behind of a fish.

I am such a spirit as rounds itself and comes over the 2. For I round myself into a wave1, and transform myself, and then throw myself on ships and come right in on them. And that is my business, and my way of getting hold of money and men. For I take the men, and whirl them round with myself, and hurl the men out of the sea.

For I am not covetous of men's bodies, but cast them up out of the sea so far. But since Beelzeboul, ruler of the spirits of air and of those under the earth, and lord of earthly ones, hath a joint kingship with us in respect of the deeds of each one of us, therefore I went up from the sea, to get a certain outlook 2 in his company. I metamorphose myself into waves, and come up 1. Pliny, Nat. And I show myself to men, so that "Cynosbaton, alii Cynospaston, alii neurospaston vocant; folium those on earth call me Kuno[s]paston1, because I assume the human form.

And my name is a true one. Fert et uvam nigram, in cuius acino For by my passage up into men, I send forth a nervum habet, unde neurospastos certain nausea.

I came then to take counsel with the dicitur. And I am here before thee because of this seal, and thou dost now torment me2. And I said to him: "Tell me by what angel thou art frustrated. I commanded the spirit to be thrown into a phial along with ten jugs of sea-water of two measures each1.

And I sealed them round 1. John ii. And having sealed it with my ring, I ordered it to be deposited in the Temple of God. And I ordered another spirit to come before me.

And there came before my face another enslaved spirit, having obscurely the form of a man, with gleaming eyes, and bearing in his hand a blade. And I asked: "Who art thou? But he answered: "I am a lascivious spirit, engendered of a giant man who dies in the massacre in the time of the giants. And he said: "My dwelling is in fruitful places, 1. I seat myself beside the men who pass along among the tombs, and in untimely season I assume the form of the dead; and if I catch any one, I at once destroy him with my sword.

But if I cannot destroy him, I cause him to be possessed with a demon, and to devour his own flesh, and the hair to fall off his chin. And, indeed, if any one write this sign on him, I shall be in fear. And I commanded another demon to come before me. And there came before my face thirty-six spirits, their heads shapeless like dogs, but in themselves they were human in form; with faces of asses, faces of oxen, and faces of birds.

And I Solomon, on hearing and seeing them, wondered, and I asked them and said: "Who are you? Acts ii.

But, O King Solomon, thou wilt not wrong 2. Paul, Eph. Celsum, viii, Then I Solomon invoked the name of the Lord Sabaoth, and questioned each in turn as to what was its character. And I bade each one come forward and tell of its actions.

Then the first one came forward, and said: "I am the first decans of the zodiacal circle, and I am called the ram, and with me are these two. But let me only hear the words, 'Michael, imprison Ruax,' and at once I retreat. And the second said: "I am called Barsafael, and I cause those who are subject to my hour to feel the pain of migraine.

If only I hear the words, 'Gabriel, imprison Barsafael,' at once I retreat. I do harm to eyes, and grievously injure them. Only let me hear 1. There seems to be a lacuna here. The fifth said: "I am called Iudal, and I bring about a block in the ears and deafness of hearing.

If I hear, 'Uruel Iudal,' I at once retreat. I cause 1. The Greek medical terms which tumours of the parotid gland, and inflammations of stand in the Greek text are found in Hippocrates, Galen, and Cuel.

And I, I suck out the marrow. And the eight said: "I am called Belbel. I distort the hearts and minds of men. I send colics in the bowels. I induce pains. The tenth said: "I am called Metathiax. I cause the reins to ache. I create strife [36] and wrongs in men's homes, and send on them hard temper. Then let him wash the laurel-leaves in water, and sprinkle his house with the water, from within to the outside.

And at once I retreat. I cause cold and frost and pain in the stomach. Let me only hear the words: 'Iax, bide not, be not warmed, for Solomon is fairer than eleven fathers,' I at [once] retreat. The sixteenth said: "I am called Atrax. I inflict upon men fevers, irremediable and harmful. If you 1. I exorcise thee by the throne of vel plura illini fronti. On the stomach of men I sit, and cause convulsions in the bath and in the road; and wherever I be found, or find a man, I throw him down.

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I separate wife from husband and bring about a grudge between them. If any one write down the names of thy sires, Solomon, on paper and place it in the ante-chamber of his house, I retreat thence. And the legend written shall be as follows: 'The God of Abram, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob commands thee -- retire from this house in peace. I send on men incurable fever. The twenty-first said: "I am called Alath, and I cause coughing and hard-breathing in children.

Alath,' and fasten it round his neck, I at once retire The twenty-third said: "I am called Nefthada. I cause the reins to ache, and I bring about dysury. The twenty-fourth said: "I am called Akton. I cause ribs and lumbic muscles to ache.

The twenty-fifth said: "I am called Anatreth, and I rend burnings and fevers into the entrails. But if I hear: 'Arara, Charara,' instantly do I retreat. The twenty-sixth said: "I am called Enenuth. I steal away men's minds, and change their hearts, and make a man toothless? I make men consumptive and cause hemorrhagia.

A Gnostic reference. Just above unmixed by the eleventh aeon1, and say: 'I exorcise "eleven fathers" were mentioned. The twenty-eighth said: "I am called Harpax, and I send sleeplessness on men. I engender uterine mania and pains in the bladder. The thirtieth said: "I am called Alleborith. If in eating [38] fish one has swallowed a bone, then he must take a bone from the fish and cough, and at once I retreat. The thirty-first said: "I am called Hephesimireth, and cause lingering disease.

If you throw salt, rubbed in the hand, into oil and smear it on the patient, saying: 'Seraphim, Cherubim, help me!

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The thirty-second said: "I am called Ichthion. I paralyze muscles and contuse them. I lie among swaddling-clothes and in the precipice. And if any one write on fig-leaves 'Lycurgos,' taking 1. There is a parallel in a magic papyrus edited by Dieterich Abraxas, p.

The thirty-fourth said: "I am called Autothith. I cause grudges and fighting. Therefore I am frustrated by Alpha and Omega, if written down. The thirty-fifth said: "I am called Phthenoth. I cast evil eye on every man. Therefore, the eye muchsuffering, if it be drawn.

The thirty-sixth said: "I am called Bianakith. I have a grudge against the body. I lay waste houses, I cause flesh to decay, and all else that is similar. And I Solomon, when I heard this, glorified the God of heaven and earth. And I commanded them to fetch water in the Temple of God.

And I furthermore prayed to the Lord God to cause the demons without, that hamper humanity, to be bound and made to approach the Temple of God. Some of these demons I condemned to do the heavy work of the construction of the Temple of God. Others I shut up in prisons. Others I ordered to wrestle with fire in the making of gold and silver, sitting down by lead and spoon.New Jersey, discover incredible Little info-packet these horrible actions, living creatures with mythical abilities unlike anything mankind has seen thousands years, more online?

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Books by Steve Quayle. The True Grimoire marilde home. And the vessels of this Temple, which thou makest, shall be put to servile uses of the gods; and along with them all the jars, in which thou dost shut us up, shall be broken by the hands of men.

Likewise also the sixth said: "I am Error1, O King 1. At times I am magically1 invoked by the wise as Kronos.

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