book prior to downloading this soft data of All Four Engines Have Failed: True And Triumphant AND THE JAKARTA INCIDENT BY BETTY TOOTELL PDF . In June British Airways Flight BA , an American-built Boeing in the command of Captain Eric Moody, took off on the Kuala Lumpur-Perth sector of its London to Auckland flight. Over Java the night was suddenly illuminated by St Elmo's fire, smoke filled the cabins and. All four engines have failed by Betty Tootell, , A. Deutsch edition, in English.

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All Four Engines Have Failed by Betty Tootell, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. All Four Engines Have Failed: The True And Triumphant Story Of Flight Ba Betty Tootell Be the first to ask a question about All Four Engines Have Failed. DOWNLOAD All Four Engines Have Failed: True and Triumphant Story of Flight BA and the Jakarta Incident By Betty Tootell [PDF EBOOK EPUB site].

Within seconds, and almost simultaneously, engines one and three flamed out, prompting the flight engineer to exclaim, "I don't believe it—all four engines have failed!

the true and triumphant story of Flight BA 009 and the "Jakarta Incident"

However, Jakarta Area Control misunderstood the message, interpreting the call as meaning that only engine number four had shut down. After a nearby Garuda Indonesia flight relayed the message to them, air traffic control correctly understood the urgent message. Despite the crew "squawking" the emergency transponder setting of , air traffic control could not locate the on their radar screens.

Many passengers, fearing for their lives, wrote notes to relatives. One such passenger was Charles Capewell, who scrawled "Ma.

In trouble. Plane going down. Will do best for boys.

We love you. Pa XXX" on the cover of his ticket wallet. The restart attempts failed.

Despite the lack of time, Moody made an announcement to the passengers that has been described as "a masterpiece of understatement ": [3] Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.

We have a small problem. All four engines have stopped. We are doing our damnedest to get them going again.

I trust you are not in too much distress.

On the flight deck, however, Greaves's mask was broken; the delivery tube had detached from the rest of the mask. Although there were guidelines for the water landing procedure, no one had ever tried it in a Boeing As they performed the engine restart procedure, engine number four finally started, and at UTC Jakarta time , Moody used its power to reduce the rate of descent.

Shortly thereafter, engine three restarted, allowing him to climb slowly. Shortly after that, engines one and two successfully restarted as well.

Elmo's fire effect on the windscreen returned. Moody throttled back; however, engine number two surged again and was shut down.

As Flight 9 approached Jakarta, the crew found it difficult to see anything through the windscreen, and made the approach almost entirely on instruments, despite reports of good visibility.

The crew decided to fly the instrument landing system ILS ; however, the vertical guidance system was inoperative, so they were forced to fly with only the lateral guidance as the first officer monitored the airport's distance measuring equipment DME.

It was as if the crew were mesmerised by the weird effects and more keen to determine the cause of them than to try to fly around it. Engines kept on turning but they had to overhaul them shortly after.

From the perspective of an armchair AND with that most helpful of intelligence aids, hindsight!!

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Eric Moody was faced with a totally unprecedented situation - something akin to the Sioux City DC10 in many ways - and he, and his crew, responded with a mixture of determination, application and quick thinking to produce a brilliant outcome which could very easily, otherwise, have been a total tragedy.

There is NO sim scenario which would require STANDING on the rudder pedals for the approach and landing in order to be able to see through a small portion of an almost totally obscured windscreen, never mind engines which had become distinctly secondhand. Eric Moody and crew did a remarkable job that night.

He used his accumulation of acquired skills airmanship for their proper purpose and as I am personally aware he continued to gather more of such relevant experience in his subsequent career. LL's viewpoint, as expressed, would seem to indicate a need for a similar enthusiasm for experience-based education.

As I said in my original post, I thought my views would up set a few people. It seemed pretty obvious to me that they were flying INTO something, even if the radar didn't show anything.

The crew appeared to be more interested in the effects caused by the ash then in getting the h3ll out of there and into clean air. The captain showed too much reliance on instruments and simulator training and not enough "thinking out of the box". I totally agree they that did an excellent job getting the plane down safely once they'd decided to turn around and reduce height. But this action also got them into clean air which allowed three engines to restart and keep working so that they could land.

I agree, nice landing with impaired visibility, but lets not get distracted from my main point of discussion - how they got into that situation.

In his interview in the program, Eric Moody came across as someone without too much imagination and who relied far too much on what his instruments were telling him and on his simulator training. Anything outside of that experience and he didn't know what to do.

I recognise the excellent job he did in getting the plane down safely. But I am saying that if he'd changed course or height earlier he may not have even lost an engine. By flying straight into what ever was causing the problem, he made the situation worse.

All Four Engines Have Failed : True and Triumphant Story of Flight BA 009 and the Jakarta Incident

His excellent landing with impaired vision appears to be given too much emphasis rather than the fact that he didn't have to get into that situation in the first place. Maybe the program made it too easy for the viewers to guess what was happening to the plane.

I hope you get to see it. You may want to criticise the program rather than my views that are as a direct result of seeing the information presented by the program. Just shows how much you know!!! What about dropping by sometime soon?

British Airways Penerbangan 9

Cornish Jack.The crew remained calm and professional, making jokes with appropriate passengers, reassuring those who needed it, asking suitable passengers to sit with those who were alone and afraid, and all the time, not knowing themselves what was going on.

Need help? Paula Atherton-mcglynn rated it it was amazing Jul 21, Aviation incidents or disasters are dark guilty pleasure for me and this book was a great read. Natural Hazards, 51,

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