On the dust jacket of each databook, a random comment made by one of the Straw One Piece Blue: Grand Data File, One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements, One. One Piece Blue: Grand Data File. One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements (ワンピース イエロー グランド エレメンツ, Wan Pīsu Ierō Gurando Erementsu?) is the third databook. Grand Log of the Straw Hat Pirates. One Piece Data Book Series One Piece Red: Grand Characters focuses on each m More. Want to ONE PIECE YELLOW ist bereits der dritte Sonderban .

One Piece Data Book Yellow

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Start by marking “Hồ sơ One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements” as Want to Read: (One Piece Data Book #3). by This book is not yet featured on Listopia. One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements (ワンピース イエロー グランド エレメンツ Wan Pīsu Ierō Gurando Erementsu?) is the third databook. It was released on April 2. One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements (ワンピース イエロー グランド エレメンツ Wan Pīsu Ierō Gurando Erementsu) is the third databook. It was released on April 2.

I heard that if you go there, you'll face tons of panda-like creatures. The ruler of that island is a wrestler. A long time ago I heard people at the bar in my village say it's true!

The seas sure are vast. Areya one of those guys?

Rumor says there's this place called "The Devil's Greengrocer". They say that's where you can get your hands on one of those things.

If you wanna try one, try looking for that store. Well, not that there's any proof that those rumors are true. When you're sailing and you look around to see that you're surrounded by water, it makes you feel insecure, doesn't it? From then, people found a landmark that would follow you around no matter where you go.

Oi, what are you doing here, Red-Haired? That's Marco from the 1st division isn't it? Do you wanna join my crew? You're damn annoying. Every member of the leading staff are strong and capable, even Red-Haired, who is one of the Four Emperors, is very impressed with them, and unconsciously try to recruit them as his crew. Kumanri , Jan 9, Jan 9, FinalEnd , Jan 9, Mar 15, Kumanri i have no words!!!!

Edward Newgate The legendary person who is closest to being the "Pirate King"! With a body that resembles a giant and an intimidating aura that can shake the sky, Whitebeard is the strongest pirate who has ever challenged the Pirate King for supremacy.

Though he has aged and requires tube liquid feeding and specialised nurses to care for him, whether it is his spirit or ability, that has never deteoriated!

Dark picture in the center Grinning face: Able to throw justice away. Never let that kid do as he like.

To let Teach know how to behave like a human is my responsibility! He does not let anyone harm his comrades, moreover, he would not allow his comrades to plot against one another. Pictures on right MIB: Nobody can stop it! Time must move on speedily! That doesn't scare me, because I am Whitebeard! The fearless Whitebeard.

He has the courage to face any danger that approaches him directly. Picture with ship The 4 Emperors finally met! If Whitebeard fights with Red-Haired, even the skies can split into two!

Is this the premonition for the storm of change to arrive? The Pirate King's Opponent Whitebeard has fought with many pirates during his life long journey as a pirate. Among his opponents, the most famous will be the Pirate King, Gol.

Picture with 3 peeps Whitebeard: Having fought many battles with Roger's pirate crew, I remember some of the people with special characteristics. That interesting guy with a red nose who was with you, is he still alive? An old friend of Shanks when the latter was still a trainee onboard Roger's ship. In this cruel world, not many can survive.

Picture at the bottom Whitebeard: When I see your face, the wound which that bastard gave me is starting to hurt. The wounds left on Whitebeard's body are the evidence of his battles with Roger, they are unforgettable memories He has extraordinary combat skills, even before he acquired the power of the Devil Fruit, his abilities were way above Luffy's.

Ace left for the sea 3 years before Luffy and he met Whitebeard. Impressed by his spirit, from then on, he gave everything in his power to ensure that Whitebeard becomes the Pirate King. Under Whitebeard's orders, Ace went on a solo mission to settle scores with the ex-crew Teach.

The battle between Ace and Teach led to an event that dramatically changed the entire Grand Line! Picture on right Ace: In that case, all the more I wouldn't let you free. That fellow is my younger brother. Needless to say, I will not become your partner either. Having known that Teach's target is Luffy, Ace's battle spirit became more intense.

Picture on left betting his hopes on his brother! Come to the top of the pirates' league, Luffy. Even though they are opponents, he does not look forward to his brother's development. Bottom Right Picture The battle of fate! Fire Cross! On the Benaro? Island, the fight with Teach finally started!

Ace uses the powers of the Flare Flare Fruit to its full potential!

Bottom Left Box: The Special Will of D Unperturbed by external influences and seeing through matters till the very end is Ace's style. Can this be the power of D also? Picture Ace: If it's you, I wouldn't stand on ceremony. I'm definitely going.

One Piece Yellow Grand Elements Eiichiro Oda Guide Book Japan

It's confirmed then. It's so difficult to organise a feast! He joined Buggy's feast without hesitation and they had a great time! Okay, is everyone happy? Tks for the reps pple! I hope the trans make sense. After all, this is second layer trans, some descriptions may get lost in the way. Kumanri , Jan 11, Thank you Kumanri I appreciate it!!!

FinalEnd , Jan 11, FinalEnd , Jan 15, Roronoa Zoro Wearing a waist guard!!! He calmly observes fights!!! There is no room for compromise or weakness for Zorro's bushido spirit. For a fighter who chooses such a heroic way of life, his dignity as a swordsman is worth more than his life.

One Piece Databooks

Big picture on left Zoro: I derived this from training - Kirin Zan! Or Kirin Slash Caption: He is always able to calmly face his opponents no matter how strong they are and never stop one moment to train up his body. Picture diagonal right down Zoro: This is a real waste of my thoughts, it's just a useless thing.

I was attacked because I was distracted by a salmon.

Looks like my strength is not enough. Carelessness during a battle that led to defeat.

Whenever he loses concentration, he would be quick to correct his mistakes. Whether it is treating others or himself, he is always very strict!! Zoro dreams to become the strongest swordsman in the world and the road in front of him is paved with danger, without sufficient determination and will, he can never make it to the end. In order to gain greater power, he would fight to the death in battles and upholding such a regimented lifestyle is Zoro style.

Moreover, Zoro demands the same thing from the other male crew onboard. What he requires from those he trust is "manly disposition". This is one of the most important part of Zoro's bushido. Picture at the bottom Zoro: Stop nagging, Chopper!!! Such an embarrassment!!! Picture on top Zoro: I'd rather die than to suffer the insult. The person on the right agrees. What's wrong with these two?!

Nico Robin: Forget it.

One Piece Databooks

Men are such organisms. What, forget it?! Then we don't need to stop Luffy also, is it?! He would rather die than to flee from the enemy.

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This is the way of the man which Zoro strongly believes in. Such a belief receives Sanji's support as well. Picture below Zoro: Sorry but, I never pray to "God" Caption: He believes only in himself and his companions, not even relying on the Almighty.

He carves his path with his own hands, thus is the way of life for Zoro.

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Box below - never wasting a tiny ounce of time, sleep is for conserving stamina!! Zoro's lifestyle is very particular on efficiency. When he is awake, it's either training or drinking, other than that, it's sleeping.

In order to face battles, he must have ample rest. He can sleep in any situations!!

Then I shall go out to download things now!! That fella, guard the ship for me Zoro: A big problem is that he very often falls asleep halfway through a conversation. I'm sleeping now Caption: When he is injured or when he has completed his role after a battle, he can sleep in peace. I think this time, there may be some screw-ups in the trans.

Some parts of the Chinese are kind of vague. FinalEnd, if I end up collecting the whole set of One Piece manga after this, let it be known that it is your fault. Kumanri , Jan 15, Freiza Banned Messages: Apr 6, Freiza , Jan 15, Jan 17, FinalEnd , Jan 16, Unrivaled Banned Messages: Jan 18, Unrivaled , Jan 18, Rononoa Zoro - A Combatant "If you are uncertain as well, then who else can we trust?!! He can be said to be the pirate crew's vice-captain and a trustworthy companion.

Absolute trust in the captain!! Follow the captain's orders without hesitation - this is the attitude that Zoro always has, because he has faith in Luffy from the bottom of his heart!

He has an equally high fighting power as Luffy and when the need arises, he will be the first person to charge forth. Even though he has a devil-like fighting capability, he recognizes Luffy's position as the captain.

Moreover, even when Luffy makes the wrong decision, he will give his best to rectify the mistake and never complains. This is Zoro's attitude. Picture of Zoro with his face smashed: Sharing a sense of mutuality with Luffy, Zoro puts up with the enemy's beatings without making noise.

Picture of Zoro charging with sword: With just a tiny hint, he is able to understand Luffy's intentions correctly and take action immediately. Picture at the bottom: Now is the moment that is crucial for all the members.

Is this decision merely that fella's whim or is it something else? Though this may lead the the destruction of the entire crew, he quietly accepts Luffy's orders.

Top picture Zoro: Confronting the downcast Luffy and questions Luffy's preparedness for his role as captain seriously. Left picture Zoro: I will not allow anyone who intends to fetch Yusop to go out Luffy: He took on a strong stance against Yusop, who broke the rules among the crew. When it is time to be incompassionate, he will become incompassionate.

Picture with Zoro tugging Luffy's cheek Zoro: I don't care even though you guys are slack normally, however, I will not allow the person I chose to be captain to lose his dignity. I will not recognise the person who go against my will as my companion.

He takes forceful corrective action when the captain loses his dignity. Big Zoro picture: We wait here for Luffy! Box at left bottom corner Complete Trust, Uniform Steps Zoro understands Luffy and knows his way of thinking, this is the mutual understanding they have developed after being companions for a long time.

Picture top "You need to light a fire when you camp outside, isn't that usually the case?The soul of the murdered will not rest!!! Sanji, Page 84 I will handle whatever you cannot; you'll handle whatever I cannot!!!! Picture at the bottom Zoro: Stop nagging, Chopper!!! FinalEnd Banned Messages: An old friend of Shanks when the latter was still a trainee onboard Roger's ship. June 9th EST. The technique to preserve the ingredients!!

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