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National Library of Ireland At the National Library , Stephen explains to some scholars his biographical theory of the works of Shakespeare , especially Hamlet , which he claims are based largely on the posited adultery of Shakespeare's wife. Bloom enters the National Library to look up an old copy of the ad he has been trying to place.

He encounters Stephen briefly and unknowingly at the end of the episode. Episode 10, Wandering Rocks [ edit ] In this episode, nineteen short vignettes depict the wanderings of various characters, major and minor, through the streets of Dublin. Included among these is a brief scene between Mulligan and Haines at a coffeehouse patronized by the chess-playing brother of Irish hero Charles Stewart Parnell , in which Haines and Mulligan discuss Stephen's predicament.

The scene is a type of ekphrasis in that Mulligan's pronouncements, that the Catholic education system "drove [Stephen's] wits astray" and that Stephen "will never capture the Attic note," point to a central tension in the novel between contemplation and action, a tension best summarized elsewhere in Matthew Arnold's essay Hebraism and Hellenism, which Joyce read and enjoyed.

The episode ends with an account of the cavalcade of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland , William Ward, Earl of Dudley , through the streets, which is encountered by various characters from the novel. Episode 11, Sirens [ edit ] In this episode, dominated by motifs of music, Bloom has dinner with Stephen's uncle at a hotel, while Molly's lover, Blazes Boylan , proceeds to his rendezvous with her.

While dining, Bloom watches the seductive barmaids and listens to the singing of Stephen's father and others. Episode 12, Cyclops [ edit ] This chapter is narrated by an unnamed denizen of Dublin. The narrator goes to Barney Kiernan 's pub where he meets a character referred to only as "The Citizen".

There is a belief that this character is a satirization of Michael Cusack , a founder member of the Gaelic Athletic Association. The episode ends with Bloom reminding the Citizen that his Saviour was a Jew. As Bloom leaves the pub, the Citizen, in anger, throws a biscuit tin at where Bloom's head had been, but misses. The chapter is marked by extended tangents made in voices other than that of the unnamed narrator: these include streams of legal jargon, Biblical passages, and elements of Irish mythology.

Episode 13, Nausicaa [ edit ] All the action of the episode takes place on the rocks of Sandymount Strand, a shoreline area to the southeast of central Dublin. The girls are taking care of three children, a baby, and four-year-old twins named Tommy and Jacky.

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Gerty contemplates love, marriage and femininity as night falls. The reader is gradually made aware that Bloom is watching her from a distance.

Gerty teases the onlooker by exposing her legs and underwear, and Bloom, in turn, masturbates. After several mental digressions he decides to visit Mina Purefoy at the maternity hospital.

Some believe that the episode is divided into two halves: the first half the highly romanticized viewpoint of Gerty, and the other half that of the older and more realistic Bloom. It has also attracted great attention from scholars of disability in literature.

Episode 14, Oxen of the Sun [ edit ] Bloom visits the maternity hospital where Mina Purefoy is giving birth, and finally meets Stephen, who has been drinking with his medical student friends and is awaiting the promised arrival of Buck Mulligan. As the only father in the group of men, Bloom is concerned about Mina Purefoy in her labour. He starts thinking about his wife and the births of his two children. The young men become boisterous, and even start talking about topics such as fertility, contraception and abortion.

They continue on to a pub to continue drinking, following the successful birth of a son to Mina Purefoy. This chapter is remarkable for Joyce's wordplay, which, among other things, recapitulates the entire history of the English language.

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After a short incantation, the episode starts with latinate prose, Anglo-Saxon alliteration , and moves on through parodies of, among others, Malory , the King James Bible , Bunyan , Pepys , Defoe , Sterne , Walpole , Gibbon , Dickens , and Carlyle , before concluding in a haze of nearly incomprehensible slang. The development of the English language in the episode is believed to be aligned with the nine-month gestation period of the foetus in the womb.

The plot is frequently interrupted by "hallucinations" experienced by Stephen and Bloom—fantastic manifestations of the fears and passions of the two characters.

Stephen and Lynch walk into Nighttown, Dublin's red-light district. Bloom pursues them and eventually finds them at Bella Cohen 's brothel where, in the company of her workers including Zoe Higgins , Florry Talbot and Kitty Ricketts , he has a series of hallucinations regarding his sexual fetishes, fantasies and transgressions. When Bloom witnesses Stephen overpaying for services received, Bloom decides to hold onto the rest of Stephen's money for safekeeping. Stephen hallucinates that the rotting cadaver of his mother has risen up from the floor to confront him.

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Terrified, Stephen uses his walking stick to smash a chandelier and then runs out. Bloom quickly pays Bella for the damage, then runs after Stephen.

Bloom finds Stephen engaged in a heated argument with an English soldier, Private Carr, who, after a perceived insult to the King, punches Stephen. The police arrive and the crowd disperses.

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As Bloom is tending to Stephen, Bloom has a hallucination of Rudy, his deceased child. Episode 16, Eumaeus [ edit ] Bloom and Stephen go to the cabman's shelter to restore the latter to his senses.

At the cabman's shelter, they encounter a drunken sailor named D. Murphy W. Murphy in the text. The episode is dominated by the motif of confusion and mistaken identity, with Bloom, Stephen and Murphy's identities being repeatedly called into question. The rambling and laboured style of the narrative in this episode reflects the nervous exhaustion and confusion of the two protagonists. Episode 17, Ithaca [ edit ] Bloom returns home with Stephen, makes him a cup of cocoa , discusses cultural and lingual differences between them, considers the possibility of publishing Stephen's parable stories, and offers him a place to stay for the night.

Stephen refuses Bloom's offer and is ambiguous in response to Bloom's proposal of future meetings. The two men urinate in the backyard, Stephen departs and wanders off into the night, [25] and Bloom goes to bed, where Molly is sleeping. She awakens and questions him about his day.

The episode is written in the form of a rigidly organised and "mathematical" catechism of questions and answers, and was reportedly Joyce's favourite episode in the novel. The deep descriptions range from questions of astronomy to the trajectory of urination and include a famous list of 25 men perceived as Molly's lovers apparently corresponding to the suitors slain at Ithaca by Odysseus and Telemachus in The Odyssey , including Boylan, and Bloom's psychological reaction to their assignation.

While describing events apparently chosen randomly in ostensibly precise mathematical or scientific terms, the episode is rife with errors made by the undefined narrator, many or most of which are intentional by Joyce. The episode uses a stream-of-consciousness technique in eight sentences and lacks punctuation. Gardner , the events of the day, her childhood in Gibraltar, and her curtailed singing career. She also hints at a lesbian relationship, in her youth, with a childhood friend named Hester Stanhope.

These thoughts are occasionally interrupted by distractions, such as a train whistle or the need to urinate. The episode famously concludes with Molly's remembrance of Bloom's marriage proposal, and of her acceptance: "he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes.

She considers the proximity of her period following her extra-marital affairs with Boylan, and believes her menstrual condition is the reason for her increased sexual appetite. Molly corresponds to Penelope in Homer's epic poem, who is known for her fidelity to Odysseus during his twenty-year absence, despite having many suitors. There have been at least 18 editions, and variations in different impressions of each edition. According to Joyce scholar Jack Dalton , the first edition of Ulysses contained over two thousand errors but was still the most accurate edition published.

For legal reasons the book was printed on behalf of Egoist Press by John Rodker , Paris, using the same printer, Darantiere , and plates as the first Paris edition. This edition consisted of numbered copies on handmade paper for sale [32] plus unnumbered copies for press, publicity and legal deposit libraries. The first U. Reportedly — copies were printed but the majority were seized and destroyed by the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice after a raid on his offices on 4th October [43] A copy of this edition was unknowingly used by Bennett Cerf of Random House as the basis for the first authorised US edition printed in , reproducing many of these errors.

This edition still contained errors but by its fourth revised printing April it was considered the most accurate offering of the text and subsequently used as the basis for many publications of Ulysses. One Book Called Ulysses finding that the book was not obscene discussed below in "Censorship".

Gabler's "corrected edition"[ edit ] Hans Walter Gabler 's edition was the most sustained attempt to produce a corrected text, but it received much criticism, most notably from John Kidd.

Kidd's main theoretical criticism is of Gabler's choice of a patchwork of manuscripts as his copy-text the base edition with which the editor compares each variant , but this fault stems from an assumption of the Anglo-American tradition of scholarly editing rather than the blend of French and German editorial theories that actually lay behind Gabler's reasoning.

As it turned out, John Quinn , the Irish-American lawyer and collector, downloadd the manuscript. Diluting this charge somewhat is the fact that the theory of now lost final working drafts is Gabler's own.

For the suspect episodes, the existing typescript is the last witness. A Brave man Ho is extremely patriotic. Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi to write down a decent book on this Topic.

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A Brave man Ho is extremely patriotic. He enters the restaurant of the Burton Hotel where he is revolted by the sight of men eating like animals.

If you truly love books please support the writers and find the initial grueling copies from the book marketer of your native market. Bloom pursues them and eventually finds them at Bella Cohen 's brothel where, in the company of her workers including Zoe Higgins , Florry Talbot and Kitty Ricketts , he has a series of hallucinations regarding his sexual fetishes, fantasies and transgressions.

Dhoop Ke Pighalnay Tak. Muhammad Bin Qasim. Islamic Historic Novel. Shayeri poetry Ghazaliat.

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