Like Water for Chocolate was published in by Mexican novelist and screenwriter Laura Like Water for Chocolate (Book Cover).png · U.S book cover. Author, Laura Esquivel. Original title, Como agua para chocolate. Country, Mexico. Language. Like Water for Chocolate: A Novel in Monthly Installments with Recipes, Romances, and Home Remedies: Laura Esquivel: Books. Like Water for Chocolate book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Earthy, magical, and utterly charming, this tale of fam.

Like Water For Chocolate Book

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download the Paperback Book Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel at , Canada's largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on books over $25!. Like Water for Chocolate: A Novel in Monthly Installments with Recipes, Romances, and Home Remedies (): Laura Esquivel: Books. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Each chapter of screenwriter Esquivel's utterly Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month?.

We like eating, reading, watching, talking, and playing with our food. A la Julia Child, Laura Esquivel taps into the things that all humans have in common—the need to eat and the desire to share.

What we're trying to say is, food isn't just food in this book, nor is it in life. It is, and always will be, at the very least, a means for survival, and at the very best, inspiration, a means for communication, a way to pass on traditions and history of a culture or of a family.

Think of the last supper. Think of Thanksgiving. Think of Three Kings Day. Food; it's what's for dinner, but it's also what brings people from very different walks of life to the same table.

Like Water for Chocolate: A Novel In Monthly Installments With Recipes, Romances, And Home Remedies

It's what makes you close their eyes, sit back, rub your stomach, and say mmmm. It can cause fights, it can turn people on. It can lead to violence, make us sick, make us delirious. While eating the meal, everyone except Rosaura becomes filled with sensual gratification.

Rosaura becomes sick and leaves the table. Gertrudis becomes hot and goes to the outdoor shower.

Gertrudis becomes so overheated that the shower house catches fire. Running naked out and away from the fire, Gertrudis runs into Juan Alejandrez, a soldier fighting in the Mexican revolution, on horseback. Filled with a strong attraction to Juan, Gertrudis immediately jumps on the horse and leaves with him.

Tita sees this but tells Mama Elena that Gertrudis was kidnapped and the soldiers set the shower house on fire. Mama Elena is informed by a family priest that Gertrudis was forced into prostitution. Tita secretly sends Gertrudis her things.

Rosaura gives birth to a sickly son named Roberto. Rosaura is too sick to nurse Roberto, so Tita nurses him with Pedro monitoring. Tita is greatly saddened by this news, but Mama Elena tells her to show no emotion and to continue on with the kitchen chores.

This causes Tita to have an angry outburst, and Mama Elena slaps her with a wooden spoon resulting with a nose bleed.

Like Water For Chocolate : No.1 international bestseller

Tita runs into the bird tower and Mama Elena has the ladder taken down. After a week of being in the bird tower, Tita is rescued by Dr.

John Brown, a family doctor, who takes her to his home in Texas for treatment. Chencha goes to visit Tita and is shocked that she has recovered. Tita tells Chencha to tell Mama Elena that she is never coming back to the ranch.

Brown, who has fallen in love with Tita, proposes marriage and Tita accepts. Back at the ranch, a group of bandits invade the property, rape Chencha and kill Mama Elena by pushing her off a cliff. Tita and Dr. Brown return to the ranch to prepare Mama Elena's funeral. While dressing Mama Elena's body, Tita discovers the locket and jewelry box containing the picture of Mama Elena's lover.

Pedro and Rosaura, now pregnant again, return for Mama Elena's funeral, and Rosaura's water breaks. Rosaura has a difficult labor but gives birth to a healthy baby girl named Esperanza. However, Esperanza refuses to be fed by Rosaura, so Tita once again takes on the duties of nursing. Due to complications in childbirth, Rosaura is no longer able to have kids. In preparation of the wedding, Tita is forced to prepare the cake with Nacha. While preparing the cake, Tita is overcome with sadness, and cries into the cake batter.

At the wedding, everyone gets violently sick, vomiting everywhere. Suspecting Tita was behind the incident, Mama Elena punishes Tita. Later, Pedro and Rosaura have a son, Roberto. Rosaura is unable to nurse Roberto, so Tita brings Roberto to her breast to stop the baby from crying.

Tita begins to produce breast milk and is able to nurse the baby. This draws her and Pedro closer than ever.

Rosaura loses her son Roberto and later becomes infertile from complications during the birth of her daughter, Esperanza. Upon learning the news of her nephew's death, whom she cared for herself, Tita blames her mother, who responds by smacking Tita across the face with a wooden spoon.

Tita, destroyed by the death of her beloved nephew and unwilling to cope with her mother's controlling ways, secludes herself in the dovecote until the sympathetic Dr.

John Brown soothes and comforts her. However, the doctor decides to take care of Tita at his home instead.

Tita develops a close relationship with Dr. Brown, even planning to marry him, but her underlying feelings for Pedro do not waver. While John is away, Tita loses her virginity to Pedro. Her mother's ghost taunts her, telling her that she and her child are cursed.

Like Water For Chocolate

She vows not to let it ruin her niece's life as it did hers. John and his deaf great-aunt come over and Tita tells him that she cannot marry him. Tita is overcome with sorrow and cold, and begins to eat a box of matches. The matches are sparked by the heat of Pedro's memory, creating a spectacular fire that engulfs them both, eventually consuming the entire ranch.

The narrator of the story is the daughter of Esperanza, nicknamed "Tita", after her great-aunt. She describes how, after the fire, the only thing that survived under the smoldering rubble of the ranch was Tita's cookbook, which contained all the recipes described in the preceding chapters. At the beginning of the novel, Tita has been a generally submissive young lady.

As the novel progresses, Tita learns to disobey the injustice of her mother, and gradually becomes more and more adept at expressing her inner fire through various means. Cooking through enlightenment she learned to express her feelings, and cope with her mother.

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Mama Elena often resorts to violence as she forces Tita to obey her. Many of the responsibilities she imposes on Tita, especially those relating to Pedro and Rosaura's wedding, are blatant acts of cruelty, given Tita's pain over losing Pedro. Mama Elena meets Tita's slightest protest with angry tirades and beatings. If she even suspects that Tita has not fulfilled her duties, she beats her.

One example is when she thought that Tita intentionally ruined the wedding cake. When Tita dares to stand up to her mother, blaming her for Roberto's death, Mama Elena smacks her across the face, breaking her nose.Themes[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research.

A Novel in Monthly Installments with Recipes, Romances, and Home Remedies

Now, I did give this book 2 stars which means it isn't completely devoid of literary value. Tita her meets a doctor named John who is kind and caring and Tita feels safe and at peace. The years pass and Rosaura turns to knitting while Tita prospers in the kitchen. In desperation, Pedro marries her sister Rosaura so that he can stay close to her, so that Tita and Pedro are forced to circle each other in unconsummated passion. Pedro is their neighbor, with whom Tita falls in love at first sight.

While eating the meal, everyone except Rosaura becomes filled with sensual gratification. When she falls in love, her mother quickly scotches the liaison and tyrannically dictates that Tita's sister Rosaura must marry the luckless suitor, Pedro, in her place.

She has the magical ability to send her desires and emotions into the food she prepares.

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