Injustice: Gods Among Us is an American comic book series that serves as the prequel to the Injustice: Gods Among Us fighting video game. The series takes. The Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic is a comicbook series that can be downloadd digitally on Comixology for $ a chapter, or as a physical comic for $ (Original Series)/$ (Year Two onward) an issue. Starting from issue six of the Year Two series, the physical comic has. Start by marking “Injustice: Gods Among Us, Vol. 1” as Want to Read: From the makers of Mortal Kombat comes the critically acclaimed prequel comic to the smash hit fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us! Things in the DC Universe have changed after Superman is tricked into.

Injustice Comic Book

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See All Comics in series. c. g. Graphic Novel. INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US YEAR ONE DELUXE EDITION BOOK ONE. Available Now. Tradition is tossed aside and chaos erupts in INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US YEAR Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers. 1 (Injustice: God Among Us) and millions of other books are available for site site. . Book 1 of 2 in the Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year One Series.

But now a distress call comes from the ruins. Is it an automated signal, a hoax, or a trap?

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No one is sure if Superman should respond. Who or what will he find? Chapter Batman 's resistance team goes on the offensive, targeting Hawkgirl. Inside the Watchtower , Superman and his allies consider their response.

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But it may be Lex Luthor who comes up with a plan. Chapter Lex Luthor proposes his vision for how the Justice League might implement Superman's peace keeping mission. Meanwhile, storm clouds gather on far off Apokolips , as Darkseid 's son Kalibak plans an invasion. Chapter Superman 's out to establish peace on earth. But what happens when the planet is overrun by alien hordes? Will former allies put aside their differences for the common good?

Chapter Millions are dying from the invading hordes of Apokolips. Superman is forced to remove any remaining inner restraints and unleashes a truly terrifying display of power.

The 50 Best Moments From the Injustice Comic Series

Chapter Superman's standing with the public is on the rise after responding to a surprise attack by Apokolips. That development has forced Batman 's rebels even further into the outsider role—and now their teams are about to face off!

Chapter In the Fortress of Solitude , the Kents confront Luthor over his plans to give other people super powers. Meanwhile, Superman confronts the Flash over Chapter Luthor presents the pill that will produce an army of super-soldiers. Robin takes matters into his own hands, leading to a deadly encounter in the Batcave with his father. Chapter In a deadly game of one-upmanship, Superman is about to reveal Batman's identity to the world.

But Batman will do anything to stop him, even if he has to bring down the JLA's satellite headquarters. Chapter Superman and his team head off to confront Batman. But who they find turns out to be much deadlier. Once again, former allies clash with deadly results. Chapter The angry Man of Steel who now proclaims his grim agenda to the world is a far cry from the smiling hero who once helped a boy with a broken bike. In "The Man of Yesterday," a young man reminisces about his hero in happier times.

Chapter Batman launches a dangerous gambit to break into Superman 's Fortress and steal the super-soldier pill. Everything's on the line as he and his team have only minutes before Superman sees through their distraction.

Chapter Superman has caught Batman 's team inside his fortress. But before he can unleash his fury, he suddenly finds himself in the greatest battle of his life, going head-to-head with Captain Atom. It's an epic battle with deadly consequences!

Chapter Tragedy follows tragedy as Batman 's disastrous assault on Superman 's Fortress comes to a brutal end. Even if he gets what he came for, will the price prove too costly for his team? Chapter Batman now possesses one of Superman 's super pills, but he knows his former friend is coming for him. It's a race against time to see if he can manufacture more pills and shift the balance of power. Chapter It's a deadly showdown between Batman and Superman —two former best friends now turned deadly enemies.

Batman has run out of time to replicate the pill that will give anyone Godlike powers. He's about to pay a terrible price. Soon, no one will be left to get in the way of Superman implementing his New World Order. But a surprise may be lurking in the shadows of the Batcave. And Superman issues a threat. An unlikely ambassador is summoned to pay a visit. But Superman has his own issues with Ganthet—concerning Krypton. Chapter 6: Superman 's peacekeeping force takes control of Gotham.

With Batman gone, Gordon seeks help from the Birds of Prey. Chapter 7: Imprisoned by the Justice League , Sinestro tells the story of how he once ruled Korugar and notes the parallels to Superman 's current situation. Only one Lantern stands in their way: Hal Jordan. Chapter The Green Lantern Corps strikes in full force, putting Superman on the ropes…with shocking results. Chapter Superman must decide the fate of the Green Lantern Corps.

Meanwhile, in Gotham, Gordon steps up the resistance.

Chapter Time jumps ahead seven months and the regime of Superman remains in place. New life begins at the same time that a new potential menace hurtles towards the Earth.

Chapter Guy Gardner brings an entire planet to attack Superman. Chapter On Earth, a crippled Batman works with Oracle to rally the resistance. Meanwhile, in space, Guy Gardner has brought together an army of Green Lanterns to confront Superman , including the biggest GL of them all.

Chapter In space, a severe blow is dealt to Superman 's forces. Back on earth, the resistance in Gotham makes its most daring move yet. Chapter Hal Jordan vs.

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Guy Gardner. Ganthet vs. And then… a deadly choice. Chapter As the battle between the Green and Yellow Lanterns spreads out around the world, Commissioner Gordon makes his last stand in the Watchtower. Chapter Ganthet of the Guardians takes a direct hand in the battle with fearsome results. And Black Canary moves in for the kill. Chapter Hal Jordan faces the consequences of his fateful choice while Superman's titanic struggle with Ganthet rages.

Chapter In this penultimate chapter, Sinestro's evil machinations result in the corruption of another hero and the deaths of even more. Chapter Year Two comes to an end, leaving the rebellion more devastated and demoralized than ever. Where will Batman and his allies go from here?

Year Three Chapters Synopsis Chapter 1: The war with the Green Lanterns is over, but it claimed a civilian victim--one whose death John Constantine will not let go unavenged. Chapter 2: John Constantine confronts a deadly demon and later takes a meeting with Batman. Chapter 3: Batman and Constantine try to unite a disparate team of magical beings, super-heroes and ordinary humans.

Meanwhile, an ominous threat approaches. Chapter 4: Disaster strikes in the house of Jason Blood as Batman and his allies face the greatest threat of all.

It's up to Batman to confront a god. Chapter 5: The battered resistance regroups in the Tower of Fate while the status of the long missing Wonder Woman is revealed.

Chapter 6: Batman and Constantine search out a new ally in Madame Xanadu. But there's no warm welcome in the mystic's parlor. But Constantine sets a trap, using Raven as bait. Chapter 8: Lured into a trap by Constantine, Superman struggles to hang on to his very soul. But it's the mage's life that may be forfeit.

Chapter 9: The tables are turned on Constantine, who is about to feel Superman's wrath. Can anyone save him? Chapter Deadman confronts the Spectre and gets a shocking surprise.

Batman and Constantine face off against Swamp Thing. Chapter A new Deadman rises and tries to find out who really the Spectre really is. Meanwhile, Constantine and Batman set a new trap for Superman. But with Jason Blood dead, just who is "the form of man"? Chapter Superman continues to experience his alternate reality while in his magically induced coma. But a loyal ally is about to shake up his world again.

Chapter Superman remains in his dream state, living in a reality where none of the tragic events that set him on his present course ever happened.

Who will awaken him? Chapter Wonder Woman finally wakes from her coma, but she's not at all happy.

Much has changed and what she finds doesn't please her. Chapter A revived Wonder Woman doesn't like the changes she's seeing in Superman since her departure, leading to a face-off with Sinestro. Chapter The new Deadman finally tracks down the Spectre and learns his terrifying secret. Chapter Constantine summons forth Trigon, and not even the combined might of Superman and Wonder Woman seems capable of defeating the enraged demon.

Chapter Doctor Fate and Trigon battle against Superman's powerful, mysterious benefactor. Chapter Swamp Thing enters the battle on Superman's side, while the Man of Steel has his hands full battling his greatest adversary Chapter Poison Ivy enters the battle, and Batman has a final goodbye with Nightwing. Chapter With the battle between Trigon and Mxyzptlk threatening to engulf the Earth itself, combat is brought to a halt between Batman and Superman's two teams.

Chapter Dr. Fate forms a desperate plan to stop Mxyzptlk and Trigon, but he's going to need one of Superman's allies to make it work. Can the new Deadman get them to cooperate? Chapter The final chapter of Year Three. Differences are temporarily put aside to stop the threat created by Mxyzptlk and Trigon.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic

And the final fate of John Constantine is revealed. Year Four Chapters Synopsis Chapter 1: Superman has battled against an army of Green Lanterns and the assembled forces of magic and remained standing. But how will he fare against the Gods themselves? And Harley Quinn visits an old friend. Chapter 3: A distraught Renee Montoya decides to escalate the battle against Superman.

Meanwhile, Harley pays a visit to Billy Batson's school. Chapter 5: Barbara Gordon makes a critical decision and Harley Quinn contemplates what to do next with the captive Billy Batson. Ra's: And he can't save you from what you did.

Evil Knockoff : Someone's now running around dressed as Batman, but not acting like him at all. Evil Poacher : Animal Man is revealed to have killed a group of them, after they killed the last West African Rhino for sport.

Evil Power Vacuum : With the Regime's downfall, there are those who want to take their spot. At the start of the series, there is one faction employing someone pretending to be Batman inspired by the Regime to use brutal tactics in order to "save the world".

This faction turns out to be the League of Assassins. Exact Words : The annual issue reveals it is possible to lie through the Lasso of Hestia. Steve is able to keep his facade from the sites because they do not ask the correct questions.

Fallen Hero : Vixen and Animal Man are working alongside the League of Assassins on their own free will and therefore are accomplices with their crimes. Much like Superman, Animal Man crossed the Despair Event Horizon when he saw the last West African Rhino being killed by a group of evil poachers and he decided to kill them in retribution. As it turns out, Aqualad is also on their side and shows how far he has fallen by killing the President of the United States.

Fate Worse than Death : Superboy is initially forced to stay behind in the Phantom Zone because he can only survive as long as he stays in it, and if he returns to Earth, he will die due to his heart injury.

He gets saved in Issue 40 when he is pulled out from the Phantom Zone and immediately given a heart transplant from Zod's corpse.

Faux Affably Evil : Ra's. He threatens to kill Lucy right in front of Harley with a proper demonstration by Athanasia of how it will happen if Harley doesn't falls into line and laments it as a necessity in the same sentence. Foregone Conclusion : Just like in the original comic, Batman, Superman and their allies confirmed to appear in the Injustice 2 game will make it out alive of this comic on virtue of being a prequel.

This means Ra's plot to eradicate humanity will fail, Solovar will be murdered by Grodd and setting up the Society's foundation, Damian Wayne will be re-captured again, Supergirl's existence will be kept a secret and at least Deadshot and Starfire will survive from their respective groups, the Suicide Squad and the Teen Titans.

Freudian Excuse : The League of Assassins' metahuman members all have their powers and natures tied to the environment. As entire species are rendered extinct by hunting and oceans are being poisoned, they have turned to the one man who cares about it enough and is willing to do anything about it. The 1st annual issue reveals why Wonder Woman was so brutal and cruel before even other Regime members turned like that after Metropolis: Back in World War II, she fell in love with American spy Steve Trevor who crashed into Paradise Island and convinced her to help intervene in the conflict.

She became a famous superhero because of him and the two worked together Until it was revealed that he was a Nazi spy all along and he was trying to get his hands on the Lasso of Hestia.

Gaia's Vengeance : Ra's al Ghul plans to save the Earth by killing large swaths of the population without harming the environment. He also makes a point to kill several wealthy businessmen for feeding industry and killing the planet in the process. Likewise, this is the same motivation for his underlings Animal Man, Vixen and Poison Ivy that are willingly serving him, unlike the Suicide Squad. Solovar and Aqualad are also in league with him too.

Godzilla Threshold : When General Zod murders Tim Drake in cold blood, Batman suits up and uses a Kryptonite-laced version of Scarecroe's fear gas on him - the same substance the Joker used to drive Superman mad. Batman notes that he would have never used it on Clark , not even after all the things he had done because of the trauma that he went through. But Zod just killed one of his sons, and as such, he declares he will show no mercy.

Gone Horribly Right : Harley admits she never truly thought the Joker's plan to trick Superman into nuking Metropolis would actually work. She thought that, like always, Superman would find a way to win and truly horrified he didn't. Damian exhumes Alfred's body to resurrect him using the Lazarus Pit, claiming he wants to make things right for all the mistakes he made.

He does bring him back to life yes, but unfortunately, his mind is no longer there. Subverted, when he eventually regain control of his faculties and is back to his old self.

Gorn : The exploding heads of the Suicide Squad leave Calendar Man splotched with blood, and a lot of headless corpses with spine-bone tipping out on the floor. Calendar Man was supposed to have died as well, but got spared by a computer glitch if we can believe "Batman".

He is forced to kneel before him and then he crushes his head like a grape. He's also the mastermind behind the Red Lantern attack on Oa. The comic also shows how he and Grodd met and forged an alliance, as seen in the game. Harley even admits she never truly thought his plan to trick the Man of Steel into nuking Metropolis would actually work. Hannibal Lecture : The fake Batman gives one to Connor.

An angry kid who thought he was indestructible. But I learned just how fragile we all are. I learned it too late. I'll give you a lesson now, for free. Damian also gives one to Bruce when confronting him in Issue 22, stating that he needs his loved ones dying all around him so he can feel justified in brutalizing criminals.

Bruce replies with a blow to the face and twisting Damian's arm. They suspect that Batman arranged the President's death and putting Black Lightning in the Oval Office, since he would have been a more superhero-friendly President, which is an insinuation that Bruce doesn't like hearing. Even Harley has come to despise him for this reason.

Hero Secret Service : Harley's Horde featured in the interquel comic Injustice: Ground Zero was her own gang of sidekicks that assisted her during the events of the first game. They disbanded after the Regime's downfall and reassamble again during the Annual Issue which takes place just before the start of the comic to protect her against the Suicide Squad's C-list members Magpie, Mr.

In the end, they are all killed by Deadshot. She would eventually fit the latter half of that description when she became a key enforcer of the Regime. Hope Spot : In Issue 23, Alfred has been restored to his old self after being bathed in the Lazarus Pit, and actually manages to get Batman and Ra's Al Ghul to stop their fighting and settle their differences peacefully. But just when it looks like things will work out, Blue Beetle crashes through the sanctuary with the falling glass killing one of the endangered animals that were preserved there, a pregnant Thylacine, which ends up enraging Vixen and provoking a fight between the two factions once again.The timing of it all is superbly balanced!

Meanwhile, storm clouds gather on far off Apokolips , as Darkseid 's son Kalibak plans an invasion. But the mission goes awry with the arrival of a bat of a different color. Harley in here just cracks me up, even side characters I can't remember the name of. Chapter In the land down under, The Flash must face the consequences of his choices. Chapter On a parallel world, an unprecedented alliance of super-villains draws the Justice League into action.

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